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Introducing Dulce Points - Your Passport to More Rewards!

How It Works:

Accumulating Dulce Points is now simpler than ever! Just provide your phone number when confirming your order, no extra steps needed!

Earning Points:

For every order, you'll earn Dulce Points based on the total amount spent. As a quick reference, imagine getting around one Dulce Point for each crepe you order*.

Redeeming Your Rewards:

Your Dulce Points translate to real savings! Each Dulce Point is valued at $1 and can be redeemed in multiples of $5 towards your total ticket. Simply ask our cashier to apply your points during the order process.

Migration of Old Points:

Don't worry about your existing points! We've seamlessly migrated your old loyalty program points to Dulce Points, and they are ready for you to use.

Tracking Your Points:

Stay in the loop by checking your Dulce Points balance at

Additional Gifts/Rewards:

As a bonus, enjoy exclusive Gifts/Rewards, including special discounts during promotional periods. Keep an eye on your profile at for these exciting offers.

Points Expiry:

Please note that Dulce Points expire after six months from the date of accrual.

Ready to join?

Simply share your phone number with our cashier, and you'll receive an SMS to effortlessly complete the signup process

We're confident that you'll love our new loyalty program as much as we do! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

Thank you for being a cherished part of the Dulce Crepes family. We look forward to serving you and creating more sweet memories together!

Crepe Diem! 🥞✨

*Only orders placed at our restaurant are subject to Dulce Points accrual and redemption. We reserve the right to change accrual and redemption ratios.

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