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Savor the vegan experience

Embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean compromising on flavor or variety, especially when you visit us at Dulce Crepes.

We’ve curated a delightful vegan menu, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our delicious offerings, regardless of their dietary preferences.

Dive into a world of taste where vegan, breakfast, brunch, and dessert options abound, all while sipping on your favorite coffee in our cozy coffee shop.


Our commitment to providing diverse and delicious vegan options is evident in every Crepe we serve.


Our batter is uniquely crafted with a premium gluten-free flour blend, silky almond milk, and prepared without the use of eggs, creating a light and scrumptious foundation for our Crepes.


Whether you're craving something sweet to start your day or a savory delight for brunch, we’ve got your cravings covered.


Vegan Sweet Crepes

Indulge in our sweet vegan crepes, a treat for both the eyes and the palate.


From fresh fruits drizzled with decadent chocolate sauce to spreads of lush vegan cream, our sweet crepes are a perfect dessert or a luxurious breakfast option.


Every bite is a testament to the care and quality ingredients we use, ensuring a delightful experience for all our guests.


Vegan Savory Crepes


For those who prefer a savory start to their day, our brunch menu features a variety of savory Vegan Crepes.


Stuffed with fresh vegetables, vegan cheese, and an assortment of plant-based proteins, these crepes are not just a feast for the senses, but also a nutritious choice that doesn't compromise on flavor.


More for you


Our vegan offerings extend beyond Crepes, ensuring a full dining experience for all our guests. Delight in our vegan waffles, a crispy yet fluffy alternative that pairs perfectly with our selection of vegan toppings.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with our vegan milkshakes and ice creams, a creamy and delicious treat that you'd never guess was dairy-free.


And for those seeking a hearty option, our vegan paninis are a hit, packed with flavor and grilled to perfection.


At Dulce Crepes, we believe in providing a diverse and delicious menu that caters to all, and our vegan section is a shining example of this commitment.


From breakfast to dessert, our Creperie & Coffee Shop is the perfect spot for vegans and non-vegans alike to enjoy a meal together, reveling in the flavors and the welcoming atmosphere we provide.

So, whether you're a lifelong vegan or just curious to try something new, we invite you to savor the vegan experience at Dulce Crepes, where flavor and variety know no bounds.

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